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IPA/IPO Review and Variation

Further Information


Due to a number of reasons many people are now finding themselves facing a reduction in their overall disposable income and this type of situation could be one reason for an IPA / IPO review / variation as would also be the case if a bankrupts disposable income was deemed to have increased.

There may also be situations where someone who is bankrupt had agreed an IPA / IPO amount at the start of their bankruptcy that they later found or feel may not have been a true picture or reflection on their actual finances & expenditure etc.

There is very useful information available from the Insolvency Service Technical Manual on IPA / IPO reviews and variation.

If in any doubt on any of above you should always get professional advice.

For guide and information purposes we have designed a bankruptcy payment order calculator to assist you in understanding the income payments procedure and to make you aware of expenditure guidelines.

What do I do next? Use the CABmoney Bankruptcy Payment Order Calculator

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