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Possession / Eviction

Maintaining payments on rent and mortgage accounts will normally be your number one priority expenditure as failure to do so will almost certainly mean your landlord or lender will commence legal action to re-possess / evict you from your home.

For a number of reasons including job loss, relationship breakdown, interest rate rises, paying other less important debts first, many people have got behind with their rent and mortgage payments or are struggling in one way or another to maintain them.

* If you are a homeowner and a creditor has been successful in obtaining a charging order on your property and has applied for an Order for Sale this can also lead to possession / eviction and must be immediately addressed.

This section of the CABmoney Debt Advice website has been designed to explain what steps you can take if you are having difficulty in paying your rent / mortgage, or a creditor has applied for an Order for Sale (Charging Order).

This advice covers before and/or after your landlord, lender or creditor has commenced court action.

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